Treatments & Techniques

Video Assessment & Analysis

The examination is highly detailed and using video allows us to slow down the movement to get the full story and answers.  This is done with live and virtual appointments as this allows us to go through your function together and how this may or may not have relevance to your complaints.

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For live appointments, a joint manipulation or mobilization can sometimes open a window of time for us to work through what may have previously been a painful range to a pain free range and couple well with the exercises given.

Functional Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercise

A thorough examination through video analysis allows for a concise and progressive rehabilitation and exercise plan. Your specific exercise plan will be catered to work on what we find causing your complaints along with moving you towards meeting your goals.

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Dry Needling

During live appointments, the use of filiform needles (also known as acupuncture needles) has at times been shown to mitigate pain sensation by changing the nerve sensitivity in an area.  This also allows us a specific amount of time to progress through barriers that would normally be inhibited by painful sensation.

Soft Tissue Therapy (Cupping, Taping, Manual)

During the appointments at the clinic, there are many other tools that can be used to modify the pain you may experience. There’s many forms that are coming to light like the use of cupping, specific taping, vibration or percussive guns, tools or instruments and traditional hands on or massage.  Many try to separate these but the function is all similar, some just respond better to some over others.

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Arguably the most important part, otherwise how do you know there’s a different way of going about a task?  We always set aside some time to empower and enlighten you for the path ahead of you and how to better navigate issues you may face ahead or questions you may currently have on something.  Knowledge is power!

  • Dr. Jesse has been amazing. He not only not helped me physically but also helped me mentally get back on track after an injury. I went from not being able to run a mile pain-free to a marathon and Ironman... read more

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    Kate L.

    Jesse is amazing at what he does. He is passionate about helping his patients figure out obstacles that may be in their way of doing what they love. I knew from our first session that he would be a different... read more

    Christy A. Avatar
    Christy A.

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    Jenny H.
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    Kaitlyn M. Avatar
    Kaitlyn M.

    Dr Jesse is a fantastic health care provider for mechanical and muscular issues. He listens to and evaluates everything and takes a holistic approach to developing a plan. Everything is individualized. I never feel like I am getting a... read more

    Alexis S. Avatar
    Alexis S.

    I really appreciate Dr. Riley’s holistic approach. I also love that he is both a chiropractor and a physical therapist. I highly recommend him.

    Lindsey R. Avatar
    Lindsey R.
  • Dr. Riley is an amazing professional and a truly caring person. He is helping me come back to running after runners knee and other running related injuries. It has only be a few visits, but the progress is already undeniable.... read more

    Jake S. Avatar
    Jake S.

    I attribute my health, wellness, and ability to stay healthy doing what I love to Dr. Riley. He is so talented and his approach to functional movement is unlike anything i've experiences working with other physicians.

    Randi L. Avatar
    Randi L.

    Pretty incredible experience with Dr. Jesse! Functional strength based with great knowledge of biomechanics! As a health care professional myself, I can not speak highly enough of his treatment style! He is extremely thorough and takes the time to hear... read more

    Margaret S. Avatar
    Margaret S.
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    Chris P.

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    Aleksandr S. Avatar
    Aleksandr S.

    I can't say enough about how much I enjoy working with Dr. Riley. He has done great work on getting me back to full strength with my personal running as well as working with a number of my youth and... read more

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    Andrew S.